GSM Intercom System / Mobile Gate Opener

Our GSM Intercom System can be a popular feature to add to gate automation in order to easily open and close the gates. The GSM Intercom Unit is made by Videx and comes in different versions depending on what is suitable for your installation. The difference between the GSM intercom and a normal intercom is the GSM can call your landline or mobile phone whereas with a normal intercom it would only be able to call the handset which comes with it.

You can have just 1 caller button on the unit, for it to be set to call one telephone number, and if that is not answered it to divert through to a different number. Or we sell it with up to 10 caller buttons for you to assign it to call many different numbers if required. This is good if the gate is for two or more properties.


There is also the option of adding a keypad to the unit so that you are able to type in a code to access the gates. Good for close friends and family to know so they don’t have to carry a key fob on them and won’t have to call the telephone each time they want to get in.

You would have to supply your own sim-card for this unit which would charge you for making phone calls.


The GSM mobile gate opener may interest you too. This allows you to call the unit anywhere in the world to open the gates. Good if you have a lot of family/friends/colleagues who you don’t want to have to buy key fobs all for. You would have to buy a sim-card for this unit also however it wouldn’t charge you for a call. As soon as it recognises the number it will open the gates (if that number has been inputted into the unit).