Hydraulic Motors Vs Electromechanical

We currently only sell electromechanical gate automation systems. You can read below the differences and advantages/disadvantages for both, and why electromechanical is overall better:


  • Hydraulic is known to be cheaper because they use fluid which acts as a “gearing” medium allowing them to use smaller, high speed motors. Electromechanical however has risen in popularity becoming overall cheaper with the increase in production.
  • Electromechanical seem to be easier to install partly due to them needing virtually no maintenance.
  • Hydraulic systems are known to be environmentally unfriendly due to fluid leakage.
  • Electromechanical motors are arguably more reliable and much simpler.
  • Hydraulics NEED maintenance. If they run low on fluid there is a danger of severe damage such as broken parts. Electromechanical do not need any routine servicing.
  • Response times for the latest electromechanical systems are far more reliable and faster than hydraulic due to relief valves that can only react as quickly as fluid flows through the pipe work.
  • In both cases reliability is a plus (if maintained correctly obviously). Both systems are known to have had life’s of over 20 years with no parts needing to be replaced whatsoever.
  • Noise levels are much more apparent in hydraulic systems with electromechanical being quieter especially when hydraulic components wear.