The new Proteco MyGate automation

Proteco have just updated their range of automation kits and have more features than they did before. They have changed the names of each as well, the Kit MyAster, Kit MyHook, Kit MyFlow, Kit MyShark, Kit MyRoller, Kit MyStrike all have the new Q71 control boards which include an obstacle detection feature. This means that if something or someone comes into contact with the gate then it will stop and start reversing, a great safety feature on top of photocells. The Kit MyShark also has in-built opening and closing limit stops which means you won’t need physical gate stops in place, you set the travel on the motors. All MyGate Kits are also available in a single form for single gates.

With the MyGate range you will still get all the required parts in the kit, such as the motors, control unit, remotes for operating the gate, an override key for disengaging the motor so you can manually push the gates, safety photocells for installing on either side of the gate and obviously all the instruction manuals you need to install it yourself.

The MyGate range are our best sellers and are aimed at all types of gates for example wooden, metal, gates hinged on small posts, gates hinged on large brick walls and of course we supply above, underground and sliding gate motors depending on your preference.