Sliding Gate Hardware – What You Need For an Automated Sliding Gate

Before you automate a sliding gate you will need to make sure it has got certain Sliding Gate Hardware in place. This will include materials to make sure it can move back and forth. We can supply you with track which will be fixed to the ground which the wheels will move across. The Galvanized Half-Round Drilled Track comes in 3m lengths and has a diameter of 20mm. The wheels that work with it are the Half-Round Groove Wheels which come in a pair and they can take a maximum weight of 800kg (400kg each).

Once the gate is sliding and you have chosen your desired automation kit, there is some other hardware that you will need for the gate to open and close suitably.


In the picture above you can see various bits of hardware that are all used on an automated sliding gate. On the bottom right is a Sliding Gate Limit Stop. This is used for controlling the amount of travel on the gate to make sure it doesn’t overrun. It can be installed on either end of the sliding gate.

On the top left is a Sliding Gate Upper Guide Bracket which is used as a stabilizer for the gate. It will fit onto the post as you can see above and will feed through the gate to make sure it won’t move side to side. It comes in two different versions depending on the width of your gate and can be fully adjustable.

On the top right is a Sliding Gate Safety Strike which will act as a catch which will be put in line with the limit stop. It can work in conjunction with the stop and upper guide bracket to make sure the gate doesn’t go past its limit of travel and doesn’t fall over.


If you need help choosing a kit, hardware or want anymore advice then contact us on 01202 717191.