Our new range of BFT Automation

We have finally got round to adding various motors, accessories and spare parts for BFT Automation. We haven’t actually got any of the kits so it is mainly aimed at people looking for replacement or additional parts for their existing BFT gate kit.

To start off with, our range of BFT Gate Motors has a mix of electromechanical and hydraulic, swing and sliding gate replacement motors. The straight armed hydraulic motors consist of the BFT ORO, BFT LUX and the BFT P7 / P4.5. The articulated armed electromechanical motors consist of the BFT IGEA and the BFT E5. And the sliding gate motors consist of the BFT DEIMOS, BFT ARES and the BFT ICARO.

We also have a straight armed electromechanical motor BFT PHOBOS and an underground electromechanical motor BFT ELI 250.

Every single BFT motor comes with a 2 year warranty. The first year being with us and the remaining year with the manufacturer.

We also have other spare parts and accessories such as BFT Control Boards and Receivers, BFT Safety Photocells and BFT Keyfobs & Remotes.

If you are looking to purchase a whole BFT gate kit from us or other parts we don’t currently have listed then contact us on 01202 717191 and we will be able to help you.