Daitem Wireless Intercom for Gate Automation

We have two types of wireless intercom which we supply for use with our gate automation. This consists of the Daitem SC901AU and the Daitem SC902AU. The only differences between the two are that the SC901AU has just a push button and the SC902AU has a push button as well as a keypad.

Having a keypad on an intercom system means that you can still access the gate without having to call the handset inside the property. For example if you take your family out for the day and there is no one home while you’re out to answer the intercom when you come back, the keypad will simply allow you to type in a secure digit code that you could set up to be whatever you wanted. So you can forget about remembering to bring multiple remotes to open the gates.

The ‘wireless’ part of the intercom is from the handset to the outside caller unit so eliminates underground trenching and the necessity of a very long cable. The range of the intercom can be up to 150 metre’s and can also be extended to a further 30 metre’s using the control unit supplied with the intercom. However this is in clear conditions so if you have obstacles in the way such as brick walls then it will be reduced.

The intercoms ’4 functions’ that it has in-built means that you can use it to control not only gate automation but things such as lighting and garage doors. Also available is the option of purchasing an additional handset which is great if you’d like to be able to answer incoming calls in different parts of the house.

The intercom consists of four different parts. Firstly the intercom call unit itself which will be installed on the outside of the gate, surface mounted to call the handset inside of the property. Secondly the handset which sits inside the property and has its own charging station so can be fully portable. Thirdly the intercoms own control unit which will wire to the outside intercom call unit and to the gate control board. And lastly a vandal resistant faceplate for the intercom caller unit.