New Videx 4000 Series Intercoms on GateMotors

The Videx 4000 series of intercoms are a great solution to have for getting in and out of your property. We have put up the mono and colour video versions which include a keypad codelock. So if you come up to the gate and want to access it using the intercom without having to call the handset inside the property, you can enter a secure passcode which will open the gates.

The Videx 4000 series has a number of additional features that have been added to enhance the operation of the videokits and give greater feedback to the visitor and user.

  • Disability friendly, visual and acoustic signals from the door panel to inform the visitor of call status (call made, ringing, speak, door open).
  • Programmable door open and conversation time.
  • Expandable to 4 entrance panels (requires an additional relay for each entrance panel).
  • Connections for a push to exit button.
  • Programmable number of call tone rings from 2 to a maximum of 8.
  • Programmable timed privacy function from 15 minutes to a maximum of 8 hours.
  • Door/gate open status optional LED.
  • Up to 4 videophones can be connected in parallel, all with intercommunication facility.
  • Videophones can have a maximum of two additional audio telephone handsets connected in parallel.
  • Door/gate panel camera can be adjusted horizontally and vertically (10 degrees).

The Videx mono video intercom we have put up is the Videx 4000 series 1 way mono video kit with codelock and comes in a flush or surface mounted version, and both also have a vandal resistant option.

The Videx colour video intercom that we have is the Videx 4000 series 1 way colour video kit with codelock and also comes in a flush or surface mounted version, with both having a vandal resistant option.