Our new range of FAAC Gate Automation

To gather a wider range of automation to suit all types of gates we come across, we have listed a range by FAAC, including the kits as well as just the motors. FAAC is known for its extensive range of high quality products and innovative manufacturing techniques and produce very powerful electro-mechanical motors suitable for all types of gates.

All our FAAC kits are available in a double or single form, such as the FAAC 390 Single Opener which will suit gates up to 3m in width and 300kg in weight. It has an articulated arm which may be more suitable for people who have gates installed on deep posts or pillars, or when a linear arm is not suitable or wanted. Another example is the FAAC 770 Double Opener which is an underground kit suitable for swing gates up to 3.5m in width and 500kg in weight. This is installed underneath the ground as seen in our Gallery Gate Image and is great if you don’t want to see visible motors attached onto your gate.

Many motors by FAAC include inbuilt obstacle detection which means if somebody or something comes into contact with the gate while it’s in motion then it will stop and back off. They also have an optional feature of a battery backup which means if there is a power cut then the gates will still operate on a number of cycles. These features are found on the 24v motors which can be seen on many of the FAAC Gate Kit products. Also available on selected motors is a ‘Limit Switch (LS)’ version which means you can set various limits on the travel of the motors which is great if you don’t have or want to bother about physical gate stops.

If you are interested in purchasing a replacement motor only by FAAC then have a look at our FAAC Gate Motors.

If you have any further queries about FAAC or anything else do not hesitate to contact us on 01202717191.