Multiple Call Points from one Intercom System

Recently we have had inquiries about having an Intercom System which will allow more than one call point to be wired up. This is 100% possible. So for example if you have two entrances to your property and want to be able to access both with the same Intercom System, then you can purchase an additional call point, whether it be with a keypad or without, to wire up to it. The Enterview range is the brand in which this will work and they are available straight from our website. The Enterview 5 colour video intercom system will do just the job, with an option to add an extra colour camera with keypad faceplate. This is what you’ll need to purchase in order to have two call points. It is also available with the other Enterview 5′s such as the Enterview 5 colour video system without keypad and the Mono video intercom system, with or without a keypad, depending on which Intercom you have.

The option to purchase an extra call point is available straight in the ‘add to basket section’ on the links provided. If you have any further queries about this do not hesitate to contact us.