Parking Barriers

Here at GateMotors on top of selling a wide range of gate automation, we have parking barriers suitable for all car parks. Nice Automation is a brand which sell all types of automation. We mainly sell their gate automation but parking barriers such as the Nice Signo Parking Barrier is just as good quality as their gate kits. It comes with many functions such as the barrier inverting if it comes across a obstacle or in contact with something.

Other functions include closing immediately after a vehicle has passed through, which is good for security. It can also fully cope with being used all day everyday. Other parking barriers include the Park Plus 4 and the Park Plus 6. Also available is a clearance deal which is heavily discounted on a Solar Parking Space/bay Protector which will stop those unwanted visitors using your precious space. It takes a tiny 10 minutes to install and because of the solar power they will raise and lower automatically.