New Multi-way Intercom Kits

Here at GateMotors we wanted to make it easier for customers to choose to have more than 1 way communication from our intercoms. We have just made a new category called Multiway Intercom Kits which allows 2, 3 and 4 way communication. This is great if you have different points in your property you’d like to answer incoming calls from for example. Ideal for flats etc. You also have the choice to add an additional handset in the ‘add to basket section’ and there can be up to 3 per flat.

We have a Farfisa Audio Intercom with Keypad which is available in a surface mounted type or a flush mounted type. The simple two wire connection will allow easy installation. Also available is the Farfisa Profilo Exhito Audio Intercom which also comes in a surface mounted type or flush mounted type, but does not come with a keypad. The green back-lit lighting provides excellent visibility and stylish design any time of the day. Both these intercoms have 1+1 technology meaning simple two wire connection.

Colour Video Intercoms also now available as multiway, see Farfisa colour video intercom without a keypad and also Farfisa colour video intercom with a keypad. They are available 2, 3 and 4 way.