Came Photocells as a Gate Switch – Alternate vehicle loop detector

For those of you out there that regularly have cars coming in and out of your property you may be interested in an alternative to a vehicle loop detector. Vehicle loop detectors allow you to open your gate just by driving up to it, but it requires installation underground which may not suit absolutely everyone.

One way you can work around this is by having a Came automation kit and purchasing additional safety photocells, either the wired DELTA-I or the wireless DBC01. The wireless photocells would still require a cable running to the control unit but gets rid of one on the other side. You would install them on the inside of your property 1-1.5 metres apart, two one side and two the other side. Then when the car drives out it would break both beams and open the gate.

But please note this will only work if you have a Came automation kit. For further details do not hesitate to contact us.