Universal Remote Controls – The Easiest Way to Access Your Property

Our wide range of Keyfobs & Remotes are suitable for all gate systems available on our website www.gatemotors.co.uk. Key fob remotes are a quick and simple way of getting in and out super quick with little to no waiting involved. We have many to suit all kinds of tastes, including a Black Remote which is a slightly smaller key fob which will fit nicely onto your keyring.

For slightly cheaper you can opt for a Navy or Grey remote which will cater exactly for your needs. The 3 buttons are able to control any additional gates you may have in your property, so you don’t have to purchase one for every gate!

If you need more than a couple then our 5 Remotes For The Price Of 4 deal will be an offer not to refuse. You are also able to add up to 50 additional remotes for one gate system.

If you are in need of a remote which will operate multiple devices such as cars, garage door openers, barriers and home security systems then take a look at our Universal Remote Keyfob which has a simple 2 step guide on how to programme your remote controlling any of those devices.