Solemyo and other Solar Panel Kits

Our Nice Solemyo Kit uses solar power to generate energy for your Gate Automation so it doesn’t need a mains supply. The Solemyo Kit can power Gate Automation, Garage Doors and Barrier Gates. The Kit is compatible with many of our Nice Automation Gate Kits.

Benefits of using our Solemyo Solar Power:

  • Installable anywhere
  • Saves you more and is environmentally friendly
  • Low consumption with no risk of black outs
  • Rapid battery charging so you never run out of energy

We also have other solar panel kits such as our 230v Solar Panel Kit which is great for when you are away from home and do not have access to direct power. Tasks such as powering electric gates, mobile phones or TVs for example are perfect for this. We also have a 24v Solar Panel Kit and 12v Solar Panel Kit version of that particular Solar Panel Kit.