Nice, Came and other brands now listed

Over the past few weeks, we have had a chance to list many new and exciting products to our website, to benefit you as our customers. These mainly include the brands Nice and Came Automation. OurĀ Came Above Ground Motors for example provide excellent swing automation from a reliable and trusted company to us. There are all sorts of accessories such as Came Remotes and Came Control Boards which may be applicable if looking for replacements or additional items to add to your kit.

Our Nice Automation range has significantly expanded, and for years now we have been dealing with Nice Automation as our dominant brand for Gate Kits. Products such as Nice Keypads and Nice Key Switches have been added due to a lot of our Gate Kits being by Nice Automation. These products let you have easy access to and from your property with either a twist of a key or a push of a button.

Other products listed consist of items such as Blinker Lights and items added to existing sections like armoured cable was added to the Cable and Cable Packs section. The blinker lights act as a warning light which flash when the gate is in operation, which is great if you have small children for example. Armoured cable is suitable for burying, which will allow you to get electricity from your house to your gate.

We have many more newly listed products being added daily. If you cannot find a product on our website which you are interested in call us on 01202717191 and we will help as best as we can.