Key switches and Keypads – Gate Security

The Nice Automation range of Gate Security may only have slight differences, but it can still be a tricky decision to make.

We have two new listings on our site which are under Nice Keypads and Nice Switches. Our Nice Keypads range have a 12 key selector which allows users to be hands-free with as many as 99,999,999 different combinations. You can also purchase Aluminium Posts which will store your Key switch or Key pad and is great to have when coming in and out of your property regularly in a vehicle.

Also available is our range of Key Switches, which can include an led courtesy light for easier vision and your own personal key to unlock whenever you please. There are many different shapes and sizes to choose from designed for all gates.

Gate security is almost something essential that nearly everyone with a gate kit owns. With these particular two products there’s no better way to control who enters and who doesn’t! We also have other brands to choose from such as Came.