Came Cordless Synchronised Intergrated Photocells

Our new range of Came DBC Photocells are something to definitely look out for. This new technology provides a greater area of sensitivity all around your gate so the use of your photocells are much more accurate and effective. The photocells consist of a receiver, transmitter and two repeaters and cause no interferences. The cordless solution provides an attractive situation beside your gate and are also a cheaper option. Due to infrared beam signal it is possible to discard expensive wiring retrofitting, putting protective sensitive edges onto the moving gate-leaf. (The fact that they are wireless should be even more convincing).

Below our item description for our DBC01 Surface-Mounted Photocells there is an example of perimeter protection of an installation with a swing gate. This shows you the exact area in which the photocells perform, which out does our existing 2 way photocells which monitor a much smaller area.