Mobile gate openers – Open your gates from anywhere

Installing electric gates will help to increase the safety and security of your property. There are many different access control systems to enhance the security such as intercom systems, keypad entry and keyfobs. A quick and easy way to control who has access to your property is by using a GSM Access switch.

A GSM Access switch uses the mobile phone network to enable you to remotely open your gates, from anywhere in the world. A SIM card is inserted into the unit, which is wired into the electric gate control panel. You can then use your mobile phone to ‘ring’ the gate. When installing the GSM Access switch you will programme a white list to the SIM card, this will ensure that only select people will be able to gain entry to your property.

Perfect if you’re fed up of loosing keyfobs or buying them for new employees or family members, the GSM Access switch can remember up to 200 different mobile numbers.