What are Safety Photocells on Gate Systems?

Included in your electric gate automation kit is a pair of Safety Photocells.  This consists of a transmitter and a receiver.

Safety Photocells are designed to improve the safety of your gates, an infra red beam is transmitted between them and if this beam is broken the gates will not operate in case they come into contact with whatever has broken the beam.

Typically the Safety Photocells are placed on the outside of the property, on the gateposts. Therefore if a car or a person is between the gateposts the beam will be broken and the gates will remain open. If the gates have already started to close and the photocell beam is broken then they will reopen as quickly as possible and stay open until the beam is in full contact again.

An additional set of Safety Photocells can be added to your gate automation system to cover the swinging arc of your gates. This ensures that the gates will stay open until any car going through them has fully cleared the area.  Photocell columns can be used to ensure the Safety Photocells are at the same height and they also have a protective rain hood.

If you would like to purchase additional Safety Photocells we have a new Nice Automation Range and a Range from Came. You may require a second set of Safety Photocells if you have large gates or a short drive for additional safety measures.