What is an Gate Intercom System?

A Gate Intercom System lets you control who has access to your property, they work with our gate automation kits for your ease and security.

There are several things to consider when choosing an Intercom System for your electric gates:

Do you want a wired or wireless Intercom System?

Do you want an audio or video Intercom System?

Do you want a call station with or without an entry keypad?

Is the Intercom System for a single, dual or multiple dwelling?

Wireless Intercom Systems can be an advantage if your gates are quite a distance from the house, meaning you wouldn’t need to run lots of cabling down to the gate. They also have the advantage of a wireless, portable handset for inside the property.

At GateMotors we can offer both audio and video intercoms to work with our gate automation systems. The video intercoms can either be black and white or colour. Having a call station with an integrated entry keypad outside of the gate enables you to give family and friends the code to let themselves onto the property.

Both of our wired and wireless systems have the option of calling to a single property, or to multiple properties.