Electric Gates the options available to you

There are two main types of Electric Gate Automation: swing systems and sliding systems. The swing gate systems from GateMotors use either electro-mechanical rams that work on a worm drive to automate the gates; these are fitted above ground to the back of the gate. Or our underground swing gate system uses an electro-mechanical motor that is fitted to the bottom of the gate, hidden from view on the outside. We also provide wheeled systems or articulated arm systems for installations where underground or ram motors are unsuitable. The sliding gates system we provide is an electro-mechanical floor mounted motor that uses a toothed rack to automate the gate.

Deciding which system is more appropriate for your installation will depend on a number of factors; what space is available to mount the motor, the size of the gate posts, the size and weight of the gates, the gradient and surface of the driveway and what space is available for the gate to open into.