Keyfobs / Transmitters programming

The Key Fob is a three channel remote control. Each channel can operate an independent system. For example, a property may have two gates; one entrance gate, one exit gate each operated with their own key fob remote. Instead of carrying around 2 key fobs in your pocket, you can operate both off the one key fob.

As each channel (button) of the remote is separate from the other, one button must be designated and used to operate the gate.

The key fob can be programmed to have one button to act as an Emergency Stop. This can be handy where an external Emergency Stop push button has not been fitted.

To start with you should already have assigned one button to operate the gates opening / closing cycle. To set another button as an Emergency Stop, please follow the next set of steps:


a) Press the button A on the gate control panel 2 times, the display shows rA.
b) Press button B on the gate control panel 3 times, the display shows CP.
c) Press and hold a button on the remote control that you have designated to be the EMERGENCY STOP command (the green light on the key fob illuminates) until a dot appears on the display (this means that the receiver is ready to store the button’s code).
d) Simultaneously press and hold button C on the gate control panel to store the new code.
e) A 2 digit number will briefly show on the screen e.g. “02” before showing CP. This number is the location the control board has stored the key fob code in.
f) Press button A on the gate control panel repeatedly until the display returns to the stand-by mode “ – - “