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Gate Automation Safety – Crush Zones

An important part of designing an Automatic Gate System is the consideration of Gate Safety. Electric Gates are a popular addition to many properties, but few people realise that they are installing a piece of equipment classed as a machine. If not installed correctly by a professional the system has the potential to cause serious [...]

Positioning of the Gate Motor on the Gate

It is advised to attach the Gate Arm to a fairly central position as standard so that the Gate Leaf does not “wobble” from side to side when in motion. However, the Gate Motors can be positioned anywhere along the gate. See below some pictures of gate installations, donated by our customers in the past, [...]

Turning off the Automatic Gate Closing function

Below steps to take for the options discussed: Turning off the Automatic Gate Closing function Having one motor opening further than the other Adjusting torque setting Pre-Install HINT: This is just my personal preference. I find it easier to install / program the settings without the Safety Photocells attached. Whilst you are programming, If anything [...]

Proteco Gate Motor Spare Parts

We have a full range of Proteco spares for all types of Proteco gate motors. Maybe you’ve inherited a gate system with your property or you just want to get a replacement Proteco part. We stock the full range of Proteco gate automations, including majority of Proteco spare parts but not all. Any specific parts [...]

Keyfobs / Transmitters programming

The Key Fob is a three channel remote control. Each channel can operate an independent system. For example, a property may have two gates; one entrance gate, one exit gate each operated with their own key fob remote. Instead of carrying around 2 key fobs in your pocket, you can operate both off the one [...]